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Accelerate collaboration towards Sustainable Infrastructure

A collaborative digital platform enhancing user’s capabilities to deliver sustainable infrastructure at pace and scale.

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Our Strategy

Build a global user community of governments, developers, verifiers, and financiers

Efficiently leverage technology in a single data-centric platform to synergize complementary capabilities of users

Founding Partners: Public-Private Collaboration

8 leading institutions across public and private sectors brought together under the FAST-Infra initiative to design a digital tool to fill the sustainable infrastructure investment gap.

One of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisation. HSBC is mobilising finance and accelerating innovation to meet its net zero strategy and commitment in partnership with its customers to build a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

IBM has set precedents with environmental commitments for over 50 years. IBM brings industry platform expertise as well as significant technical execution experience. Helping to turn sustainability ambition into action through data-driven innovation with FAST-Infra Platform.

A leading technology-driven agency execution specialist with a network that includes more than 1,000 institutional investors that collectively manage $33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets.

A digitized platform connected to financial markets for issuers including bonds, private placements, fixed income, capital markets and multi-currency solutions.

Strategic advisory to FAST-Infra Platform working group. An NGO dedicated to the acceleration of affordable Sustainable Infrastructure services globally.

SIF is the not-for-profit implementing agency of SOURCE, the multilateral platform for sustainable infrastructure, led and funded by the MDBs.

Launched by The former Prince of Wales with a mission to build a coordinated global effort towards accelerating transition to sustainable future.

Global leader in professional project and asset services in the energy, chemicals and resources sectors

Traditional infra pain points

Addressable pain points of traditional infrastructure financing.


Stage 1



Stage 2

Project development

Project Developers

Stage 3

Project financing

Verifiers & Financiers

Stage 4



Stage 5

Ops & Maintenance Refinancing

Owner, Banks & Private Funds

Why FAST-Infra Platform?

A unique digital environment leveraging user capabilities across the sustainable infrastructure lifecycle by (i) enhancing project-centric cooperation and (ii) mobilizing third party technologies and innovation.

Lower financing cost

Increase the number of bankable projects financed at a lower cost.

Digital Twin

Digitisation of project documentation across the life cycle.

Reduced services cost

Reduce the cost of infrastructure services.

Community benefits at a faster pace

Shorten the time for community benefits to be realised.

Clients / Customers:
What is in it for you?

& Communities

Improved terms to procure the quality infrastructure services

Project Developer

Source investors, lenders, and advisors

Project Verifier

Find lenders, investors for projects you are advising

Institutional Investor

Find bankable projects to deploy capital

Platform adoption will enable expansion to other communities across E2E infra lifecycle

Project Roadmap

We are getting ready to launch MVP version of the platform @ COP 27.

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Press releases


Visionary CleanTech Award

The FAST-Infra Platform has won an award for ‘Visionary CleanTech Financial & Investment Institution’, after being nominated under the Visionary CleanTech Businesses of the year category, 2021 edition.

The award was announced at the 5th CBC Annual Leadership Forum “Leading Together The CleanTech Decade!”, an event that brought together over 150 trusted leaders of solar and cleantech industries with the leaders of the financial communities and investors, top corporations, energy and utility companies, as well as policymakers from across the world.


Press release from SMI

Launch of sustainable infrastructure accelerator partnership provides catalyst for global transition to sustainable future.

Today the Sustainable Markets Initiative, Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation and FAST-Infra Platform sign a partnership to accelerate private sector investment into sustainable infrastructure.